September 2020 by Ellipse Fitness
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September 2020

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Week of August 31
BONUS Diabolical 7's
Metabolic Conditioning
Kickboxing 4 Corners
Declining Hypertrophy Training
Upper Body Boxing & Core
Individual Chipper
Week of September 7
BONUS Hurricane Season
HIIT Push-up Challenge
Tens Small to Large Muscles
Rotating Calorie Stack
Cardio Kickboxing - Repeat
Week of September 14
BONUS Endurance Kickboxing
Pyramid Boxing
Unilateral Strength Training
Week of September 21
BONUS 3 x 5 Boxing and Strength
Tabata Sprints
Kickboxing w/ Breakouts
Week of September 28
BONUS Endurance Kickboxing + Strength
I Go, You Go
Cardio Kickboxing / Chest Breakouts or Circuits