October 2020 by Ellipse Fitness
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October 2020

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Week of October 5
Metabolic Tempo Conditioning
Kickboxing w/ Shoulders, Tris, Legs
Kickboxing: 9 Rounds
BONUS: 4 Station Rotation - Strength & Boxing Edition
Week of October 12
Interval Timer Pyramid Setup.pdf
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Pyramid Strength
Cardio Kickboxing + Body Weight Strength
BONUS: Kickboxing & Strength
Kickboxing 8-min leads
ULCC - Upper, Lower, Cardio, Core
Week of October 19
BONUS: Endurance Kickboxing & Strength
HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training
IGYG Boxing
Lunging Series
Kickboxing: 30-sec combos
Week of October 26
Rotating Calorie Stack
Power Punching
BONUS: 10's Strength and Faceoff Boxing
Tornado Boxing