November 2020 by Ellipse Fitness
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November 2020

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What's included?

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Week of November 1
Metabolic Body Weight
Kickboxing 4 station
Endurance Boxing Circuit
BONUS: Kickboxing & Strength
Download and Setup Guide for Interval Timer (Hurricane).pdf
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Week of November 8
Hurricane Strength
IGYG Kickboxing & Strength
Total Body AMRAP
Endurance Kickboxing
Interval Training
BONUS: 20/30 SuperSet Strength + Kickboxing
Week of November 15
Strength: 3-Min Mania
ULCC Boxing
Eccentric Tempo Strength Training
Kickboxing 8-Minute Leads
BONUS: Strength Countdown + Kickboxing
Week of November 22
Kickboxing HIIT Lunging
Burn the Bird
Thanksgiving Trifecta
Diabolical 7s
BONUS: Tabata Boxing & Strength
November 30