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I have had monthly memberships to other gyms and didn't get the results I wanted because I'm not a professional trainer and I wasn't sure where to start or what to do. Ellipse Fitness has classes lead by a coach and even though the workouts can be intense, you workout at your own pace. The coaches also show modified exercises that are less intense. I also really like that coaches walk around the room, while leading the class to make sure everyone has the correct form and to let you know when you've got it right! I definitely feel I get my money's worth here! I Ellipse Fitness!
Shannon J
I have been a member for 10 months and have barely missed a single workout. This is a big deal for me! I’ve had few successful long term relationships with workouts through years, and when I do they have always been quite costly personal training. The accountability and motivation provided at Ellipse rival that of personal training at a fraction of the price. The team’s knowledge combined with the group training environment creates an ideal workout for me! It keeps me challenged on a daily basis. I have definitely seen results and can feel my body getting stronger every month!

Erin W

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